How to be a successful youtuber ranging from zero (zero subs), now more and more youtuber emerging youtuber but unfortunately not everyone can be successful and make youtuber YouTube as a career.

successful youtuber

Please note there are two types, namely youtube channel:

  1. Channel already has a name or a lot of subscribers, usually because it has a relationship with the artist / influencers / youtuber other famous, had good connections, or a lot of capital (paid promotion).
  2. Channel built from scratch, without capital, and without the slightest connection.

If you are the type that is both new and start your career in the world of YouTube (0 subscriber hangs) then this article is perfect for you. In this section, we will learn how the YouTube channel of young (0 subs) can crawl up into youtuber successful

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How To Become A Successful Youtuber Starting From Zero (0 Subscriber):

1. Video is the content, and any content requires the audience / viewers

successful youtuber

As well as any video that you created are still of no use if no one is watching, and how to get viewers if the subscriber channel we are still zero (0)?

The first thing you should do is determine who is your audience. People watch YouTube for a variety of reasons but basically there are two purposes for which they are looking for:

  1. Entertainment = looking for entertainment, pleasure and inspiration

  2. Education = looking for something to be learned, facts / news, and science

Of course you can build a channel that does both simultaneously (+ educate entertain), but it is much better to focus on one goal in advance between the content you want to entertain or educate. Yet something entertaining could bring educational value, and vice versa something that can educate presented in an entertaining way.

2. Build your subscriber channel with natural

successful youtuber

YouTube system itself like a mix between search engines and social media. We assume:

  • YouTube search field as a search engine / google
  • Subscribers as friends / followers of social media

The first thing you need to focus is to build audience / subscriber, as the subscriber is what can make you grow every day. How do I get a subscriber quickly?

This is the fastest way to bring some subscriber:

                 – Creating a quality video

                 – Create something that is relevant to the audience

                 – Optimization of the title and thumbnail images as possible

3. Start from your social circle and do not use black-hat techniques

successful youtuber

Obviously the best way to get the audience (especially when you first start) is to distribute your content to friends or social circle closest to you whether it’s in social media such as Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Line / etc. Never once did the spam in social media / forums as YouTube hate spam (especially on social media), it is likely your account will be banned if they violate this provision.

–  Collaboration with your friends or other youtuber

 – Reply to comments on your videos and also provide commentary on the video other youtuber

4. Optimization of the display and description of your YouTube channel

If you consider all the above points, it memarketingkan a YouTube channel memarketingkan principle the same as a blog.

  1. Define content / video just as decisive niche blog.
  2. Make the same quality video as create quality articles.
  3. Collaboration with other youtuber same as the guest posting.
  4. Commenting on other youtube channel as blogwalking.

If you create a new blog, then the first time you’ve optimized it certainly is the blog itself (on-page), what is surprising is there are many youtuber new out there that do not do the optimization channel itself, while very simple, and this would be very important.

  1. Make a short description section “about” what-content channel content you create and the brief intro that needs to be delivered.
  2. Connect your YouTube channel to channel social media / websites that you have included the email contact if necessary.
  3. Attach an interesting picture home section / feature your channel and if necessary create a trailer (not should) so that the audience increasingly interested to subscribe to your channel.
  4. If you already have a lot of video, then categorize the videos section playlists so that the user is also more easily watch your videos that you create.
  5. What is important is optimizing each video for the title, description, and tags (like SEO), create as natural and as relevant as possible, do not ever do keyword spam keyword stuffing or excess (spam = suicide).

5. Get familiar with the algorithms YouTube and play according to the rules

Here are some of the most important factors in the engagement of a YouTube channel:

  1. The most important factor and remains the number 1 is the amount of time of the visit (watch time) , so far (2016) YouTube has been prioritizing the amount of time the visit as an indicator of the quality of a video / channel. Those who have a lot amount of time the visit will be a ranking / a better position on the search results and will also get free promotion / sale free section home / recommended channel.
  2. Total views on a video. The more the better of course, remember that the views are not counted by the click, but after users watch at least 30 seconds or half the duration of the video in question. If the user first 10 seconds left of your video, then it is not counted as a view. Views are more usually will get better ranking on the search (with a record amount of time his visit was also good).
  3. Ratios like and dislike. Although it does not affect much, but comparisons like and dislike also influence the engagement and YouTube into consideration in determining the ranking in search results.
  4. Subscriber and social share. Channel / video that managed to get a lot of subscribers and social share could be a positive signal for engagement.
  5. Comment. Perhaps the comment was the least influential factor because usually contain comment spam / promotion, prankster / troll, or a mixture of positive and negative comments.

6. Quality views> quantity views

successful youtuber

When you first start (0 subs) You can try different ways to get views / subscriber is, however, some ways that I think is effective and pure (white-hat) are:

  1. Collaboration with other fellow YouTuber or influencer.
  2. If you have a blog, it would not hurt you paste in a posting your video (embed) because although the YouTube video are watched on a blog, it’s also still counted as views. With it you can extend the reach of your video promotion on search engines (Google).
  3. Create content that is potentially viral (something that other people want to share).
  4. Create button call-to-action at the end of the video as “subscribe” or “watch the videos previously”. You can also put a link section description of the video to ask a user to “action” is desired.

7. Thank enter / feedback from your audience

1, Some people will comment on your videos, some will be trolling (please ignore), some will be negative, and the other part will build.

2, Accept all this feedback to improve your content is next, whether it’s positive or negative, have someone criticizing or correcting your work is still much better than no comment at all. That’s a sign they still care and attention to your works.

 3, And more importantly, do not be afraid to ask the fans / subscriber you.

4, The best way to maximize the potential of your YouTube of course by trying as many ways (white-hat) you already know, pay attention to its analytic results, and focus on giving the best results.

Now living taking action , doing and apply what you’ve learned in practice.


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