Facebook is one great platform for growing your brand. This is obvious because Facebook is currently one of the most used social media platforms for marketing and growing brand. Your presence one Facebook should be utilized in such a way that you let your customers and potential customers enjoy being part of your business through social media since most people spend most of their time on social media especially Facebook. Making your customers engage in your social media interaction is very crucial to your brand. Because this engagement is what usually leads to conversion in your business. People who engage with you on Facebook usually turn into real customers. Lets dig deep into how to grow your brand on facebook.

Track Facebook Profile Visitors

With Facebook you can determine whether to have a great brand or not. This is because your behavior will determine the kind of audience that you will have. This is very true because people engage in conversations that are interesting and motivational. Actually before we went in into the social media battle, here are the tricks we considered on how to grow your brand on facebook like the top big brands have done of even better.

Well, Here Are The Tricks On How To Grow Your Brand On Facebook

1. Set up a Facebook page

A Facebook page is a great deal of growing your brand on Facebook. Having a Facebook page gives your fans a platform to share and know more about your products and services. It is even possible that your fans will share whatever you post to your Facebook wall with their friends. You need to keep your Facebook page active. Very active! You need to spend your whole time monitoring the posts and the comments while engaging with all people.

  • Post on your Facebook page regularly

However, you need to regularly spend time monitoring the wall posts and comments on your Facebook Page. An active Facebook Page will make your customers come in to interact with your brand, and of course they cannot interact if you are not there to make the page interactive. This means that you have to regularly post to your wall with fresh interesting content, photos, thoughts, articles, and events as newsfeed. This will definitely keep your customers updated and interested in your Facebook page and help to increase conversion.

  • Add a profile photo of your logo.

Adding a profile photo of your logo is very important for your Facebook presence. When considering a way on how to grow your brand on facebook, this is believe to be the first step. Leaving the profile photo blank or with an irrelevant image will show unreliability to the clients. When you set up your Facebook business page, be sure to put your company logo up as the profile photo. Your logo is your brand and it sticks a lot on the mind of the Facebook visitor.

Adding a profile photo of your logo will grow your brand since you are showing your logo as well. Your Facebook visitors will find it very helpful when they can easily identify you by the logo.  Make sure that your logo is very unique and classy to make people fall in love with your company through the logo. This means that your profile picture appears on your brand’s page as well as in all sponsored Stories, news feed updates all Ads and new events related to your page. Therefore, use an official logo that represents or connects to your brand.

2. Market to New Customers on Facebook

Facebook is a very good platform where you can engage with your potential customers who haven’t even pressed the “like” button of your brand on your Facebook page. You can do this through many different ways. Firstly, you can post something that gets shared by people who have already “liked” you to their own walls.  Then you can add a contest to your wall and give an entry to every person who “likes” the post and shares it on their own walls. When many people share your content, then it can easily reach out to other people (their friends) on Facebook. Facebook sharing is also a great way to drive traffic to your Facebook page or back to your website.

  • Add a share button on your website

Adding a Facebook share button on your website is an effective strategy.  You can use your website and email by adding follow and like buttons to your website and email marketing templates. This works, in a way that people who visit your website maybe logged into Facebook. at that moment and the like or follow button may prompt them to visit your Facebook page. These people are already invested in your brand. therefore bringing them into the social experience would be an opportunity for your brand.

  • Use Facebook Graph search

Facebook graph search is very important. because it enables you to learn more about people whom you are targeting through the other pages they have liked. This information leads you to groups of like-minded people to target. This will help you get the right target group since you know exactly what they are interested in.

3. Keep Ads conversational

Advertising on Facebook is very essential and you can utilize this by keeping the ads conversational. Every business owner needs to know that Facebook Ads are a good way to reach out to both your customers and potential customers within a conversation. This may even be a way for standing in for a one on one conversation. One detail that customers get to see on your Facebook page is the speed and frequency with which you respond to other users.  Having a high score can help encourage interaction with users.

  • Audience insights

Audience insights means that you give your visitors a chance to give in their views and thoughts on any newsfeed or about your products or anything they want to know or discuss. This will increase engagement and will make your Facebook page visitors more active inviting their friends to participate on your page. You can develop this by getting involved in to answer questions, help with problems, or simply interact with your audience. Interaction with your audiences calls in more and more people to engage in the advert or newsfeed or thoughts. This definitely will increase the rate of conversion since many people are participating.

  • Set up a call to action button on your Facebook page.

One of the most useful aspects of a Facebook group for your business is the call-to-action button that you can easily create. With this button, you can have your customers do everything from sign up to a newsletter, to buy a product, to contact you via email, to pose their query for help and many others.  A call to action button is what makes your audience move forward to contact you and you can keep changing the nature of the action until you come to the right one that most of your customers are interested in.

4. Optimize images with the right fonts

Using images on Facebook is a good way to increase engagement and images are one way of speaking out without text. Make sure that your images have the right fonts and are very appetizing to the viewers. Your images on Facebook should not be blurred and therefore ought to be crystal clear. This will make the visitor want to visit your Facebook Page over and over again. When you have images that are not clear, then you are pushing away your visitors. Facebook is a visual medium, so even if most of your content is text-based, you should break it up with photo posts.  Use them to engage with your audience, whether it is a contest, a question, or just to show off your products. Most people are attracted by excellent images, thus you should use great images to attract such people.

  • Post Videos

Just like everyone knows now social media has gone from just texts to images and videos. Facebook enables live video and you should use this to your advantage to grow your brand. You can engage your Facebook audience through interesting videos, adverts and you can even host a live Question and Answer session or give them a behind the scenes look at your business. Videos are one of majors tricks big SMOs have considered how on how to grow your brand on facebook.

5. Create fresh content that people are interested in

Having a series of fresh and interesting posts will create awareness around your brand.  When posting on Facebook, fresh and interesting content is what pulls the audience to keep visiting your page. You can also pin a post that you have created that stays at the top of your feed. This will allow that particular post to enjoy longer-lasting engagement.  Using Facebook’s analytics, take a look at your best performing posts and pin them to keep them at the top.  If you are selling a product that outperforms all the others, consider pinning that one to take advantage of that popularity. This means that you will bring forward what interests your audience.

6. Create Events that Motivate people

Having Facebook events that motivate people for your business is a great way to keep your visitors informed of the new activities that are taking place in your business. You can do this by advertising special events, new sales on your online store where your customers can find your products. This will give your customers a good reason to take action.

You can also use competitions and offers to help your event reach wider audiences and gain new customers within a short period of time. Such offers usually  gain shares and new fans, then convert them to customers through Page posts featuring discount, new products and many others great offers. This this actually considered that the best trick on how to grow your brand on facebook.

7. Tag people and brands

Tagging people and brands is an easy way to spread your brand to a large group of people within a short time. Through the Facebook News Feed algorithm update. you can tag another Page which improves your chances of reaching that audience as well. However, make sure make sure you have a reason for tagging another Page, otherwise it would seem forced. But this is a great strategy to reach out to another group of audience.

The most important aspect to use to grow your brand on Facebook is to actively engage your audience through your Facebook page. Knowing that the more you engage people the more they will share, like, comment and convert into customers. Their interaction through liking, sharing and commenting on your posts and newsfeed will definitely bring in their Facebook friends to also engage in your posts.

Facebook being one of the most used social media platforms, the more fans you have on your Facebook page, the more engagement you will have around your updates and around other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, and many others.

We hope in this article on how to grow your brand on facebook added some value to you. Please share with us your ideas,  tricks and feedback in the comment section below.


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