Tamil Nadu REliance new 3g trick ProxyCap 2015

Now i`m sharing ProxyCap trick.

Fetures :

1) Features Like Last trick( Proxyfire Trick)
2) High Speed
3) Torrent Supported with idm
4) No Need to changes in your browsers and IDM
5) Support all programs
6) Windows Updates support
7) Low Data Deduction ( Approximate 20 – 200 KB per Connection)
8) Use APN –  Rcomwap which is work for you.
9) Data Pack required !
10) Unlimited Use

How to Use This Trick :
1) Download Proxycap.
2) Install Proxycap
3) Use only trail and when expired then use “Trail Reset”
4) Open ProxyCap and make some changes in Proxycap

“-” Follow The Images “-“​

7) Click On Proxy and make a new profile.
Display Name = Jiiva
Type = HTTPS
Host = internet.org
Port = 80

And Click OK.



6) Now Click on Rules and make new Rule.
Rule Action = Select “redirect through proxy”
Proxy = Jiiva
Programs = Select “All Programs”
Transports = TCP
Rule Name = Jiiva
And Click Ok.



7) Now You will see “Jiiva” Profile has created . Click Ok to save it.

8) Important- It always enabled



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