Pohang University

Pohang University of Science and Technology or POSTECH is a private college spotted in Pohang, South Korea devoted to research and instruction in science and innovation. In 2012 and 2013, the Times Higher Education positioned POSTECH first in its “100 Under 50 Young Universities” rankings. POSTECH was made in 1986 in Pohang, Korea by POSCO, one of the world’s driving steel organizations, with the end goal of giving propelled instruction to growing specialists and laying the foundation for future innovative development.

The originator of POSCO and the establishing executive of POSTECH, Park Tae-joon understood the requirement for Korea to instruct their childhood in science and innovation to guarantee Korea’s position in the high innovation stadium.

Park needed to utilize the California Institute of Technology as a model for POSTECH and went to the college on a business outing to Los Angeles in 1985. He noted attributes of CALTECH and asked for to the POSTECH establishing group to make a contemporary examination college that had: a low understudy workforce proportion, a more noteworthy extent of graduate understudies to students, a low net training expense, understudy on-grounds lodging, and a fantastic grounds environment. These gimmicks spoke to an extraordinary takeoff from the Korean colleges of the 1980s. To secure a college in a brief time of time, POSCO sorted out a team on February 21, 1984 made up of POSCO representatives chose by the organization.
Development work started on August 17, 1985. On May 4, 1986, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher went by POSTECH and gave an Inmos transputer, one of the main edge PC parts at the time. The principal registration function was hung on March 5, 1987. A gathering of 249 rookie were chosen from the main one percent of all graduating seniors in Korea to be taught by a worldwide staff selected by POSTECH establishing president Hogil Kim and POSTECH team head supervisor Dai Kong Lee. The main degree recompensing function was on February 20, 1991. Certificates were granted to 146 graduating seniors, 123 (84%) of whom went ahead to seek after graduate studies.
The staying 23 graduates were utilized by the country’s real enterprises including POSCO, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai.

To encourage translational examination and dynamic the educated community industry coordinated effort, POSTECH facilitated POSCO’s Research Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) on grounds. In 1994, POSTECH set up the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), a third era synchrotron light source and now a national office. As of now, the fourth speculation X-beam free electron laser (XFEL) light source is under development (to be finished in 2015) at the expense of US$400 million, which will be the third one on the planet and will open up new outskirts and examination zones in life sciences, materials, science, and material science.

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TOPUNIVERSITIES Rankings Rank  86 in  World University Rankings  2014/15 Rank  51 in  University Subject Rankings  2014/15 Rank  4  in  QS University Rankings: Top 50 Under 50  2014/15 Rank  9  in  Asian University Rankings  2014/15

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